Friday, August 28, 2015

Don't miss the Epic End of Summer Giveaway

Indie Author's End of Summer #Giveaway!! 
68 ebooks — 1 winner!!

Got the end of Summer blues? We've got something to make you smile!

ONE LUCKY WINNER will take home ebooks from each of the author's listed below.

1. Make sure you like every author's page.  

2. Tag on every author's page for more chances to win.
3. Share with your friends.

Annabel Fanning

Ella Emerson

Faith Andrews

Muriel Garcia

Maci Dillon

Kathleen Kelly

Kelli Jean

Cherry Shephard

Gwendolyn Grace

KL Shandwick 

A K Michaels

Rochelle Paige

Leigh stone

Shay Savage

Imy Santiago

Debra Anastasia

Author H.A. Robinson 

Savannah Morgan

J.M. Walker

L.B. Simmons

Gia Riley

Nancee Cain

Stephanie Rose 

K.L. Kreig

Peiri Ann

Amelia J Hunter

Francesca Marlow

Author Lucy Gage

Karina Espinosa

Sam McCarthy

Kristy Kay

Cathy RedHotness Jackson

Dina Littner

K.A. Sterritt

Desiree A. Cox

KA Hobbs 

Christy Pastore

Zeia Jameson

Alice K. Wayne

Maria Macdonald 

A.J. Compton

Addison Kline

Victoria L. James

RS McCoy

Cecilia London

Caitlin Daire 

Stacy McWilliams

R.C. Martin

M. Dauphin

J. D. Hollyfield

L A Cotton

Taylor Lavati

Mindy A. Carter

Adriana Locke

Olivia L. Thomas

Lyra Parish

Author Karen Ferry

Kirsty Dallas

Lynn Stookes

Autumn Grey

J.C. Hannigan

Rumer Haven

Stacey Jaine McIntosh

Rachel A Olson

J.A. DeRouen

Melissa Toppen

Crystal Perkins 

Aubrey Bondurant

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