Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year - 2 giveaways

I'm going to kick off 2016 with a giveaway! 

Before you decide to close out of this post (taken from my newsletter) and not read any further, let me tell you what you'll miss ...
  • A chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card by entering my rafflecopter (open today through Jan 17)
  • Information on my upcoming standalone short story
  • Tina Donahue's amazing rafflecopter giveaway that will have a grand prize winner and 9 second place winners (open today through Feb 15)
In future newsletters, I'll keep you posted on giveaways, upcoming releases, share new teasers, excerpts, and covers, etc.

Warning: Teasers and excerpts are for 18+ readers. I write Erotic romance and they probably will contain strong sexual content, sexual situations, and/or strong language.

For those I'm new to you, I promise I won't spam you. I send newsletters out when there is some really exciting news to share - like a new release, a giveaway, a group of authors who have their books on sale, etc.
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My Lust, Desire, And Love trilogy is complete and I have a lot planned for 2016!


Click here to get your copy of the Erotic Anthology, Sensual and Sinful Cravings.

10 authors, 10 short stories.
$0.99/FREE for KU
* 100% of proceeds will be donated to The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans! *

My Story ... The Ten Year Reunion (18+)
Katrina was a loner, and ostracized growing up. After graduation, she had three friends she lost contact with, and a crush she couldn’t forget.
With the reunion looming, she couldn’t think of one person from her high school class that was looking forward to seeing her like the invitation claimed, but one person was.

Ready for my rafflecopter giveaway?  Let's do it!
Here's the gist of the giveaway - I want to find a new genre to write for 2016, but I want to hear from all of you which genre you think I should tackle! 

Click here for the rafflecopter.

The story that was written to be part of the Wickedly Exotic Spring Erotic Wonderland box set is coming soon as a stand-alone.

While on vacation, Gavin and Chloe ensured Las Vegas’ nickname ‘Sin City’ continued to hold true.

The temperature wasn’t the only thing hot as they pushed their sexual limits beyond the traditional boundaries into taboo territory. Their trip ended with satisfied desires and one fantasy come true.

For 18+ readers. This story contains graphic language, erotic situations, oral sex, straight sex, and MFF ménage. 
Welcome to the Tina Donahue Valentine Bash!! We're partying from January 11 - February 15.
Here's our Official Contest - - the Rafflecopter begins Monday, January 11 (and runs through February 15)
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Donna Michaels Author
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Judith Anderson Author
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