Friday, June 16, 2017

SNEAK PEEK: Damian - A Wolf's Hunger (WIP)

This series of Alpha wolf-shifters gets more and more entertaining, and complicated.

Meet Damian

Damian’s frequent verbal altercations with his Alpha father rocked the boat in their household, and were beginning to trickle out to the pack. His overpowering desire to be in control pushed his father to his tolerance limit. In an effort to avoid a physical battle with his only son, or be sent to an early grave, his father told Damian it was time to venture out on his own, find his soul-mate, and start a new pack where he’d be Alpha.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Damian thumbed through his little black book of numbers. Most of the women lived within a two-hour drive from the Pack. Most had been one night stands who left their numbers in hopes of getting a call. He only saw the same woman twice one time.

Lisa … no.
Kaylee … no.
Jessica … eh, maybe.
Callie … fuck no!

Damian recalled in a moment of weakness, and horniness, he’d called Callie to see her a second time. They had a great first night and the sex was phenomenal. She drove to his home in record-breaking speed. When the door opened, she was standing naked in front of his Alpha father, Thor, also known as Mr. Stick-up-his-butt, with a dozen roses in her hand. Needless to say, his father wasn’t pleased. Callie on the other hand pretended like it was no big deal and told him she was there to see Damian. His father called his son and when Damian saw Callie standing there, he was thoroughly embarrassed. He demanded she leave and never come back.

“Stop wasting your time looking through the pages of that memorial book. Come to the bar with us. You know there are new women there every week,” Jordan, Damian’s second in charge Beta said.
With the flick of his wrist, Damian sent the loved-them-and-left-them collection through the air a few feet, landing on his desk.

 “They may be new, but it’s the same thing. I want to find someone who’s more than the same ol’ same ol’. I want to find,” Damian said. He growled when he was interrupted.

“What’s it matter? You’re only going to be with them for one night anyway. And most single women who have their feelers out are only looking for that one night. They aren’t husband hunting,” Maverick, Damian’s first in charge Beta replied.

“I never said I wanted a wifey, you ass. I just want something different.”

“Like what? What would be different for you?” Maverick asked.

“I don’t fucking know. I guess I’ll know it when it happens.”

“Well, you won’t find anything different here in this house, so let’s go out and see what or who we can get ourselves into, literally,” Jordan said.

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