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Damian excerpt

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat Level: Very steamy!
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Damian can’t fight his inner Alpha, it's in his DNA. He hates the tension it’s causing between him and his father…but he is powerless to stop it. He’s an Alpha through and through and there’s just no denying it. He knows it, and so does his father.

His father does the only thing that will avoid a physical battle with his only son: order him to start his own, new Pack.

Damian knows deep down it’s the only way, so, with his two best friends, and Betas, Maverick and Jordan, he sets out to claim their spot on Shasta Mountain, where the hunting is plentiful. Everything is perfect…until the trio realizes their Wolves are being hunted.

With danger looming a mysterious Hunger strikes Damian, one he can’t fight…the overwhelming urge to hunt and search out his mate overtaking him; mind, body, and soul.

His insatiable appetite puts his Betas and him in danger. And, worst of all, the very person who means the world to him, his Soul-mate, is in danger!

A Wolf's Hunger: It Can't Be Stopped.

Book 15 in New York Times Bestselling Author, A K Michaels’ new Shifter series full of passion, intrigue, and Paranormal Romance. All are standalones with a HEA and no cliffhangers. Jam packed full of suspense, romance, thrills, and hot Shifters.


Oh. My. God! Damian, that was amazing. You are amazing!” she sighed. “We’re so good together. Don’t you think?”
Damian lay on his back, his arms bent and his head resting in his hands. He couldn’t remember her name, but was hoping she’d stop talking. He shook his head slightly. “Yeah, whatever.”
“I could be with you every day for the rest of my life. I’ve never had anyone make love to me like that.”
Damian rolled his eyes. “We didn’t make love. We hooked up. We fucked.”
She giggled. “You know what I mean. I think there was more to it than just having sex. It felt like it to me anyway. Didn’t it to you? You can admit it.”
Her nasally voice was annoying him. “Um, not really. I’m pretty sure it was just fucking.”
“Hey! What if I was your soul-mate? Wouldn’t that be something? Then we’d be together forever.”
Damian rolled onto his side to face her, his elbow bent and his chin resting in his palm while his fingers tapped against the side of his face. “You are definitely not my soul-mate. We definitely didn’t make love. And that forever shit is definitely not happening.”
“You never know, Damian. I think we’re meant to be. We fit together too perfectly. What we just experienced isn’t ordinary.”
Damian had wanted to sink into her once more before leaving, but with her insistence on their fling being something it wasn’t he decided it was time to get far away from her. She was another stage-four clinger. He sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed. He scanned the room for his clothes, then scooped them up and began to pull on his pants.
“Please, just stop it. I just met you earlier tonight. You invited me back to your place to fuck you, and I did. This was nothing more than that, and it won’t ever be anything more,” Damian said.
She moved over to where he sat and rubbed her hand across his wide shoulders, down his back to his narrowed waist. “You don’t have to leave, you know.” Her warm lips pressed against his skin.
“It’s best if I leave, trust me.” Damian stood with his back to her while he pulled his jeans up over his hips.
“Are you sure I can’t talk you into staying just a little longer?” She scrambled off the bed and knelt before him. She reached up and covered his large hands that were holding his jeans at the waistband, then gently tugged his jeans back down, freeing his semi-hard cock. Without hesitation, she wrapped her fingers around the base and licked around his head. She loved the saltiness and co-mingled taste of them both on him.
“Don’t,” Damian forced out.
She didn’t stop. She took his length into her mouth. While pumping with her hand, she bobbed back and forth on his cock as she felt him thicken in her mouth. Her other hand wiggled his jeans down further so she had full access to his balls. She cupped them in her palm while continuing to suck him.
Damian watched her take all of him deep into her throat while he slowly fucked her delicious, warm mouth. He’d missed this treat earlier, but was glad she’d kept him there.
He closed his eyes and his hips pumped faster as he lost himself in her oral pleasure. She was great at giving head.
“Geez,” Damian hissed. “You’re going to make me come if you don’t stop.”
She looked up at Damian with hooded eyes while holding him tightly in her grasp. She sucked harder, her tongue circling his shaft and head. She moaned with each stroke. His cock stiffened, and within seconds his release was streaming down the back of her throat. She swallowed and sucked, making sure not to lose one drop of his seed.
“Damn,” Damian groaned.
She sat back on her haunches, still holding Damian’s cock. As the last few drops of cum oozed from his tip she lapped them off, then released him from her hold when she was satisfied she’d gotten it all.
“I told you, I believe we were meant to be together, Damian. I’m the woman for you. Just think about it, will you? I know I could make you happy. I damn sure can make your dick happy. Don’t be so quick to say no. Okay?”
He smiled at her, fighting back a chuckle. “What’s your name, again?”
“Are you serious? You had sex with me and I just sucked you off, and you can’t even remember my name? You’re a pig, Damian. A filthy pig. I can’t believe you!” she screamed.
“You told me in the bar, but I could barely hear you. Sorry.” Damian fought harder to stifle his laughter. “Are you going to tell me or what?”
She sighed loudly. “It’s Jessica. God, I don’t even know why I just told you. I can’t believe you’re just now asking me,” she scoffed. “Will you even remember?”
“Yeah.” Damian would remember. He kept a book filled with names and numbers to make sure he’d remember the women he never wanted to see again.
“Give me your phone number, Jess.”
“Jessica. My name is Jessica. I hate being called Jess. I guess you didn’t hear me when I told you that either,” Jessica fumed as she rattle off her phone number.
“Are you going to call me so I have your number, too?” she asked.
“Nope.” Damian set his phone on the bed and yanked his jeans up, then slid the phone into his pocket. He quickly pulled his shirt on, followed by his socks and shoes. “I’ll call you when I want to talk to you and see you again.”
“Don’t wait too long. I’m not going to sit around forever, waiting to hear from you,” she huffed. “Unlike some of the young women your age my clock is ticking. I have higher expectations for this,” she pointed at Damian, then to herself, “and you, than just a quick night in the sack.”
“It wasn’t that quick, sweetheart. And I like it when an older woman has high expectations. That’s good, I guess.” Damian double-checked to make sure he had everything. He took a step toward Jessica, wrapped his hands in her long blond tresses, and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek.
“Thanks for a good time,” Damian said with a smirk. “See you around, Jess.”
“Jerk,” she muttered.
Damian rushed out the door and down the stairs. He laughed as he thought to himself how they were all the same. All the women he’d been with swore they were the one for him. All swore they could make him happy. All believed they were his soul-mate.
Most had been nothing more than one night stands who gave him their numbers in hopes of getting a call from the prized shifter bachelor. Only one woman had been lucky enough to get the phone call they all hoped to receive.
Jessica was definitely not going to be that fortunate.

Chapter 1

Stop wasting your time looking through the pages of that little black book. Come to the bar with us. You know there are new women there every week,” Jordan, Damian’s soon-to-be second-in-charge Beta, said.
With the flick of his wrist, Damian sent the loved-them-and-left-them collection through the air a few feet. It landed on his desk.
They may be new, but it’s the same thing. I want to find someone who’s more than the same ol’ same ol’. I want to find --” Damian said.
“What’s it matter? You’re only going to be with them for one night anyway. And most single women in the bars around here have their feelers out and are only looking for that one night. They aren’t soul-mate hunting,” Maverick, Damian’s soon-to-be first-in-charge Beta, replied.
“I never said I wanted a soul-mate, you ass. I just want something different,” Damian said through gritted teeth. “And you’re wrong. Nearly every woman I’ve been with in the past year has asked me about them being my soul-mate and hoping for forever. They all want it. They want to tie me down.”
“So maybe you could set a lofty goal for yourself and try finding someone worthy of a second or third date. That would be different,” Jordan said, followed by a hearty laugh. Damian’s eyebrows furrowed. He glared at Jordan through slitted eyes as he scowled.
“Ignore Jordan. What would be different for you, D?” Maverick asked.
“I don’t fucking know. I guess I’ll know it when it happens.”
“Well, you won’t find anything different here in this house, so let’s go out and see what or who we can get ourselves into, literally,” Jordan said.
The Canteen Bar and Grill was busier than normal. Most Fridays the wait was only ten minutes to be seated, but that night the trio was told it would be forty-five.
Jordan began pacing. His senses were instantly on high alert and going crazy. He’d felt it as they were driving closer to their destination, but standing at the hostess table the feeling nearly brought him to his knees. He knew she was near. He scanned the crowd, desperately looking for the woman who was driving him mad.
“It’s summertime, my friends. You know how the change in season increases our business,” the host said.
“Yeah, yeah,” Damian mumbled. “Can we get a drink at least?”
“Sure you can. I’ll have Mindy come over and take your orders.”
Jordan’s pacing continued, but something about hearing her name soothed his beast slightly.
What’s your problem?” Damian asked Jordan.
“Nothing, just… nothing,” Jordan said.
The lobby area was standing room only. The couple of bench seats were full. There were families with small children and couples everywhere.
“Hi, guys,” a small, faint, unfamiliar voice said. Damian looked down at the petite redhead they’d never seen before. “What can I get for you guys tonight?”
It was her. Jordan could feel it deep in his core. She was the one. “How about your number?” Jordan asked. He slightly lowered his head in disgust at his typical forwardness, and for asking for her number.
“Sorry, I’m not on the menu. But I’d be happy to get you a drink. Mark said you all asked for something.”
“We really just want to sit at the bar. Is there anything available?” Damian asked.
It ate at Jordan to hear Damian talking to her so sweetly. That was his way with women. Be sweet, get them to fall for him, and most women did, then they became part of his one-night club.
Mindy batted her eye-lashes as she peered up at him. “Not right now, sorry. It’s so busy in here. There’s a waiting list for the bar area, too.” She gave him a toothy grin. “I can put you on the list, if you like.”
“Yeah, doll, put us on the list,” Damian replied.
Jordan’s Wolf was fighting to get loose and challenge his best friend. But Jordan knew that would be a huge problem on so many levels. They were in a human bar, so shifting would be a catastrophe. He also knew there was no way he’d win.
“What’s the name?”
“Jordan, Jordan D’Nozzle,” Damian said, then laughed. Jordan elbowed him, causing a low rumble of a growl to escape the soon-to-be Alpha’s lips.
“Jordan D’Nozzle, got it.” She looked up through her lashes at Damian. “How about while you wait?”
“I’ll have a Jack on the rocks.”
“Gentlemen, can I get you anything?” Mindy asked.
“A bottle of Bud for me,” Maverick said.
“I’ll have a Budweiser, too, darling,” Jordan said.
“Got it. I’ll be right back, gentlemen.” Mindy frowned at Jordan before she turned on her heels and made her way through the crowd.
Jordan turned to Damian. “Who is Jordan D’Nozzle? You know that’s not my last name. Why would you say that shit?”
“Get over it already, it was just a joke. Douche nozzle,” Damian said, then laughed. “Like little red riding hood gives a rat’s ass what your name is.”
“She does. Or at least she will. Trust me, there’s something between us.”
“It’s called a wall. A huge, sky-high, invisible wall,” Maverick said.
“Good one, Mav.” Damian chuckled. The two high-fived each other.
“And what’s with my soon-to-be Betas drinking Budweiser? When are you guys going to learn to drink like men?” Damian goaded.
“I don’t like hard liquor. I probably never will,” Maverick said.
“I’m drinking the Bud as a warm-up. I’ll get something with more of a kick in a bit,” Jordan said. His insides were in turmoil. Did he let his friends in on his revelation that Mindy was his soul-mate or keep it a secret? Secret, definitely. If he told his friends, they’d mock him all night and beyond. “I think cute little Mindy has quite the kick.”
“She may have, but she doesn’t seem to have any interest in you, my friend,” Maverick said.
“Don’t be jealous, big bro. You’re definitely mistaken on that one. Mindy is my future. You’ll see,” Jordan replied. “And I’m sure you’ll find someone willing to be charitable to you before the night’s over.”
Maverick flipped Jordan the bird. Two little girls giggled as they watched the exchange.
“Great. You’re both entertaining the children with your childish ways,” Damian scoffed.

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