Thursday, September 10, 2015

Twisted By Desire - Description revamped!

Book 1 in the Lust, Desire, and Love Trilogy
Heat Level - Scorching!

This book contains explicit sex, language, and sexual situations. It is written for the mature reading audience (18+) and isn’t suitable or intended for younger readers or readers who are uncomfortable reading about this content.

Sky, Nikki’s ex-husband, has a hold on her heart. 

Jeff occupies her thoughts. 

Sky can provide Nikki unconditional love. 

Jeff can offer her everything she thought she wanted. 

Nikki is so confused! Her head’s telling her one thing, while her heart is sending another message. 

But Nikki isn’t the only one who’s twisted by desire. 

I used to believe in fairy tale romances where a princess was swept off her feet by a prince, they got married, and lived their happily ever after. Great story. 

After my six-year marriage ended up in divorce court, I wasn’t sure what to believe in anymore, but I knew that fairy tale shit was for the birds. And whoever came up with the saying ‘all you need is love’ didn’t realize utility and cellphone companies won’t take an ‘I love you’ for payment.

I planned to be smarter the second time around, if there was even going to be a second time.

I had no clear idea how to go about dating again; I had been out of the game for over six years. Times had changed, situations had changed. I wasn’t in college anymore, where the men were easily accessible. Hell, I didn’t even know what I was looking for in a man. To make things more difficult, I still loved my ex, Skylar. I held a special place in my heart for him and still craved his touch. Every single man I talked to or looked at ended up being compared to him, and then crossed off the list for one reason or another before they were even given a real chance.

After my divorce, I spent a few months moping around, looking like someone had stolen my puppy. My mom and friends were quick to dish out plenty of ‘why don’t you try’ advice about getting onto an on-line dating website. Even if I did, which site would I sign up for? There’s like a bazillion of them to choose from. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about some of them, too. Yeah, that’s just what I wanted in my life.

I couldn’t bring myself to create a profile and have random, creepy single men looking for a quick hook-up or married men looking to cheat messaging me. Plus, the thought of meeting someone sight unseen didn’t appeal to me one bit. Sure, we could exchange pictures, but what if I met him and instead of him being tall, dark, and handsome like the picture he sent me, he was short, pale, and Quasimodo hideous? It would be just my luck to get cat-fished, stalked, or worse. What if the guy was a serial killer? I’m not trying to end up on Investigation Discovery like on those dating gone wrong stories.

So I chose to ignore them and stick with what I do best, I took the safe route. Friday nights after work, I had a standing date with my co-workers. Candace, Georgia, Robert, Carla, and Tristan made up the regular group. Happy hour at the restaurant/bar down the street from our office had become my weekly opportunity to get out of the house for socialization, while trying to find someone worth dating.

I liked the bar scene; it was easy, and I was in control. I could flirt without commitment. If they were interested and I was interested, we could talk or whatever. There was always someone that sparked at least a smidgen of interest and they normally showed plenty of interest back. But the night I met Jeff was different.


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