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Twisted By Desire - More reviews

I shared some of the awesome 5-star reviews, now it's time to share some of the awesome 4-star reviews for my debut title.

on December 13, 2014
Wow! This was one hot read! What a fabulous debut by Desiree A. Cox that left me turning the last page wanting more! As the first book in a trilogy, this book set the stage for what looks to be one heck of a story about, well, as the series name says, lust, desire, and love.

So, you have Nikki and Sky who are divorced, and in addition to sharing custody of their little girl, they also share some hot times between the sheets even though they aren't married anymore. It's pretty clear these two still love each other, but their relationship was clearly one where love just wasn't enough, at least not for Nikki. Enter Jeff - the hot guy she meets at the bar. The guy who makes her body sing and can offer her the financial stability that was missing from her marriage. Oh, yeah, these two burn up the sheets, the lounge chair near the pool, the kitchen...well, you get the idea! But when things start to get serious, Nikki finds herself needing to make some decisions that will impact not just her life, but the lives of those around her.

I loved the pacing of this book - it moved very quickly and kept me engaged throughout. I loved the flashback scenes that were included, they really helped set the stage for certain events and gave a deeper insight into some of the characters and their relationships. There were twists and turn, lots of heat and steam, and had a storyline that grabs you from the first page. And did I mention how hot the book was?

Even though the book focused on Nikki and Jeff, I loved that we got to know so many of the people in Nikki's life. They really helped to add additional depth to the book and added another dimension to the story being told. From her work and personal friends, to her family, and Sky and their little girl, each character, no matter what small part they played, had an important part in the story and influencing Nikki's life.

This was a great start to this trilogy and, if you like a great story with lots of heat and steam, you don't want to miss this one!

on April 7, 2015
This story jumps right in to Nikki's perception of her ex-husband, Sky. Even though she asked for the divorce, she can't take the leap and stop having incredible, mind-blowing love-making sessions with the man. Love was never the issue with their marriage; it was always the laziness. He didn't want to mature the way she thought that he would once they married each other and that was it. Abby was the only wonderful thing that they created together. With Sky always on her brain, she feels like she may have just walked out on her soul mate...then comes Jeff. Jeff rocks Nikki's world but has a lot of rules and neurotic tendencies. With only one golden rule implicated before dating, can Nikki and Jeff really fall in love with each other or is it just a huge mistake?

At first, it was really difficult for me to find an interest since the sex was a HUGE factor in Nikki's life. My lack of interest may be because I typically do not read Erotic Romance; however, I began to enjoy the story once the pace picked up towards the middle of the book. With the story starting to unfold with Nikki's new relationship with Jeff, I found that I just could not put it down! My favorite character in this one was Sky, the ex-husband. He seemed like he genuinely loved Niki and Abby to the fullest and always put their health and well-being before his own. I can definitely relate to the soul search and emotional twists that Nikki goes through in trying to find what she wants despite what family and friends question.

I recommend this story to those who enjoy reading Erotic Romance. I rate this with four stars since I did enjoy the moral of the story. I did feel like it was lacking something; however, the author is wonderfully talented and that shows in the writing style and detail that is placed into every scene written. I look forward to reading Jaded by Desire, the second in this series which picks up where this one concludes.

on April 3, 2015

Twisted by Desire is a great debut novel. This is book one in the Lust, Desire, and Love Trilogy. This is definitely a very hot, steamy, panty-dripping read. The erotic scenes are written in such detail I felt I was right there watching.
This is a love triangle with Nikki, Sky, and Jeff. Nikki and Sky are divorced and share a daughter. They both love each other and feel they are soul mates and have an amazing sex life, but when they were married, love just wasn’t enough. Sky couldn’t keep a job and provide stability. Nikki meets Jeff and he can provide the stability she craves, needs. Sex with Jeff is just as off the charts as it is with Sky, but the all-consuming love isn’t there for Jeff and it is with Sky.
I have to admit, I am team Sky. He is the love her life, high school sweetheart, Abby’s father, and appears to be an all-around, sexy, hot good guy that just needs to grow up and get his sh*t together.
I do not care for Jeff! Yes, he is a sexy God who is loaded and can provide Nikki with anything her heart desires, but there is something there…I can’t put my finger on it, yet.
I’m sure Desiree has plenty in store for us in books two and three, especially after the cliffy that ended book one! I can’t wait to get started on book two!!


This writer was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Nikki is a woman who thought she knew what she wanted. She divorced her ex-husband Sky because he was unable to maintain employment. She saved up herself and purchased a home and is supporting herself and her daughter.

On paper, Jeff looks like the prefect mate. He is wealthy and sophisticated. He can care for her financial needs, and although she does not love him, she likes him, and the stability that he represents.

Although Nikki left him, she is still drawn to her ex-husband Sky. There passion has not been extinguished despite the divorce. Should Nikki return to him or try a new relationship with Jeff.

I had a really hard time with this book. I wanted to like Nikki, but her character was extremely unlikeable. Sky her ex-husband is there for her at every turn. She uses him, abuses him, and then causes him to lose a relationship after she divorced him. Then Nikki becomes involved with Jeff, but repeatedly states that she does not love him, and stays in the relationship when he mistreats her because he has money. I really felt for Sky in this book and wanted him to find happiness, but Nikki and Jeff were not likable and pretty much deserved each other.

I really hope that Sky finds happiness in the remaining books in the series. He seems like the most redeeming character and deserves much better than he has been dealt


on December 14, 2014

***Received an ARC for an honest review by Bookalicious Babes Blog***

Desiree A. Cox's debut novel, Twisted by Desire, is a smokin' hot book! The main character, Nikki Carmichael, is in a lovely luscious love triangle with two super sexy, but very different men. Sky is her hot and young ex-husband, college sweetheart, and baby daddy. Jeff, is an older rich sex god who is used to getting what and who he wants. Nikki is sexy and she knows it... fearless when it comes to getting what and who she refreshing to read about a woman who is unashamed to admit she loves sex and expresses her desire.

Twisted by Desire is the perfect title as there is lots of desire in the form of sizzling sex and the twists in this story mirror a roller coaster ride... at warp speed...from the highest hills. This book is thrilling, intense, raw and hot.

As this story ends in quite a cliffhanger, I can't wait for more!

4.5 sexy stars!

on December 13, 2014

I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.

This was a great debut novel by this author. It has all the emotional up and downs that I love in a book. The characters are well developed and the story flows nicely. The plot keeps you intrigued and turning the pages just to see what is going to happen. I have to applaud the author for a job well done.

Nikki and Sky are divorced but that doesn't mean they don't still love each other. She is thrown for a loop when she meets Jeff and really doesn't know what to do. Her heart still belongs to Sky and she's not the only one confused. What will happen, I recommend you read this to find out. It's an amazing read.

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